A Complete Guide To Working With Angels

By: Charles Virtue

Angels are all around us.

Whether you know it or not, you are surrounded by etheric beings that want to help you. Not only do they want to help you, their purpose for being around you is to help.

Angels are the embodiment of God energy sent from heaven to be with us our entire lives. Before we are born we set out a life plan for ourselves pertaining to the lessons we are meant to learn in life and on a soul level. This life plan is exactly what, where and with whom we are meant to be. Nothing in life is more fulfilling than being on course with your life purpose, or soul plan. It does not matter if you set out to be a millionaire yacht owner, a small business owner, or a parent of beautiful children – being on your life path and living this lifetime according to how you planned it before you were born is the greatest gift and most successful accomplishment we can achieve in a lifetime. Just know that there definitely is a plan for you, and if you feel a lack of fulfillment in your life, it is because your soul is yearning for it's true purpose.

There are two types of angels I will discuss with you, guardian angels and archangels. Guardian angels are around each of us. When we are born we are given no less that two guardian angels, these angels serving in this way are assigned to be with us our entire lives and offer their loving and divine help, plus guidance and support according to what you have set out to do. The guidance you receive from your guardian angels has a lot to do with the lessons you have set out for yourself. As you live and grow you take on more and more guardian angels especially in times when you need, want or ask for help in your life. Most guardian angels stay with us for our entire life once they come to be with us.

Archangels also surround us. Archangels are larger in energy and more powerful than our guardian angels – and while each archangel is capable of anything, certain archangels have chosen to specialize. What this means to you is that according to what issue, question, concern, celebration or decision you face, there is an archangel that loves to help in that exact situation. Each archangel also has an aura color; this color represents the frequency that the archangel vibrates in – much like our own aura colors. Every frequency of spirit, angelic, earth and human energy has a unique color or combination of colors. Archangels serve as our direct connection to our higher power and serve as the voice of the Creator.

The reason we have angels is to help us through our lives. To help us find and maintain the course of our life path. Angels help to take care of the details, timing and the ‘dirty work’ of the decisions and problems we face in life. By opening up yourself to the power and love of the angels around you, you not only make your life easier (as it was meant to be) but you also make the angels very happy that you are once again opening your soul in life to their presence and guidance.

You see, communicating with angels is completely natural, and built in to every human that ever was, or ever will be. It is how we were designed, there is a constant energetic connection between humanity, heaven and the angels that can never be severed. The angels are here to help us in any aspect of our lives, limited only by our own imaginations. So when you ask, “How can I open up the channel between myself and my angels?”, it is important to know that this is less about learning than it is about remembering. 

A very long time ago in human history it was completely natural for humans to talk to and listen to heaven. Our chakras were completely open, as was our confidence and willingness to seek happy lives. We had no doubt, and history proves this with all the findings of just how spiritual so many ancient civilizations were, and still are. Almost every major religion has entities that are equal to or very similar in description to angels, as we know them now. It has never been doubted that beings from a higher source are here.

As civilization began and continued to develop technologically, our focus was shifted. We began to create with our hands and the more this went on, the more we became distracted and started to fear that which we could not see, explain or control. The purpose of our industrial and technological evolution is quite obvious – we felt the need to prolong our lives, increase the ease in which essential task are accomplished, and ensure the safety of our species. This planet is both beautiful and perilous, so it is no mystery why we put so much effort, even on a soul level to developing in this way. 

Now things are changing…

As time has passed and as technology has developed, we seem to have found a relative plateau of progress.  Of course we still have developments in technology and industry, but the creations we have been seeing for the last decade have been predictable and evolutionary. The revolutionary feats that used to marvel the world are not so commonplace, and our focus is once again beginning to shift. We realize now that we are safe, and it is time to return energetically to how we are meant to be. We all know civilization as it is cannot go on like this forever, speculate all you want, we all know something ‘just isn’t right’.

This is where the angels come in, and why I feel SO blessed to be alive right now. Our lack of fulfillment, our want for betterment is causing us to reach out energetically. On a worldwide scale our wishes and manifestations for a better, more fulfilled life are being heard – and the answers are coming.

So many humans are living lives that they consider tolerable, but I have yet to meet a majority that would not agree that there isn’t room for improvement. This is not to say that the world is living life wrong, there is no such judgment available because our world as we know it is not a master plan in action, it is a relative state of being. There is no real right or wrong aside from harming others – our collective outlooks and desires determine everything else.

Right now, as you read this there is an awakening taking place, a spiritual evolution that is present and obvious in almost every corner of the world. People are getting guidance, signs and messages form their angels, but most still want more answers and an explanation of the phenomenon.

Whether you know it or not, the angels are communicating with you every day of your life. They are showing you signs, working with your intuition and offering you guidance, and giving you information in the form of gut feelings. Any time in your life that you have been in a predicament where you found a resolution, or the situation ‘magically’ fixed itself, the angels were hard at work. I am not saying that problems will not exist when we all open ourselves to angelic guidance – but the Angels will always help us cope from, navigate through and ultimately learn form any given situation – good or bad.

A sign is any thing, occurrence, feeling, sound or thought that comes to you in an unexpected or unlikely way that makes you think of something. Signs are meant to get our attention. Even if what your reaction to the sign is merely, “What the heck could that mean?” or “ Was that a real sign?”, trust that there is a message. Right now a lot of us are seeing signs, but cannot seem to figure out what is going on or why. The angels do this deliberately. They are trying to get our attention, and it is working. People worldwide are reaching out for answers, and the answers are there. Simply put, if you have to ask, it’s probably a sign.

Think of signs as breadcrumbs down the path of our lives. Signs are not only designed to guide us through the twist and turns of our lives, but also to confirm that we are still on that life path. At the very least, a sign will always serve as a confirmation that you are on the right path - even if that’s not currently apparent. 

A life path is a very complex anomaly to describe – most of us are very much on target with a lot of aspects of our life purpose (or purposes). We often have in our lives many things that we sought out to do or experience on a soul level. However, so many of us are left with a sort of yearning that even prayer and time cannot reduce. This is why not all of us feel as if we are getting loud guidance or perhaps any at all. 

You do not even need to know about the angels in order to interact with them and receive guidance. A lot of people go through life (and we all know a few) seemingly effortlessly, things just seem to work out and always fall in place for them. Sure they have ‘off’ days, but for the most part they always just seem to know what to do and when. These people operate in life almost fearlessly and know that nothing can stand in the way of their goals. When you live life without fear, you open yourself up to amazing level of guidance. 

This is because every goal, aspiration, manifestation or wish that we have, especially the consistent ones, are divinely sent to us. The feelings of yearning we get are etheric reminders sent to us from our angels that we are meant to do so much more in this lifetime. What this means to you is that the dreams and wishes that you have about bettering your life are real, and very much within your ability to achieve as you learn to let go of fear. 

What we can do to begin feeling, hearing and seeing the angels is to first affirm our openness to it. Working with the angels is so completely natural and is built into us, there are no magic potions or sacred rituals necessary to ask the angels into our lives. Most of the reason that we are in this blocked state right now is because for one reason or another, throughout many lifetimes we chose to ignore and/or shut out guidance, or our perception of it. Many souls did this because they feared persecution, punishment or even death if they dared work with or talk about anything that could not be see or controlled. 

A lot of us became so distracted on a soul level because of all of the ‘tangible progress’ happening on earth, and we felt we had no use for open and constant dialogue with our angels. Through all of this however, the angels have been there, right by our sides and have been guiding you and giving you messages in ways that you may not recognize as coming from them. To affirm your openness to having the angels once again participate in your life in an interactive way, please consider the following prayer.

 “Angels, I allow myself to once again be open to your presence. I allow myself to be open to the gifts of heaven in the form of your divine and loving guidance. I understand that you are here to help me in every aspect of my life, no matter how big or small. I hereby undo and release any and all actions or decisions that may have blocked my openness and sensitivity to your messages. I ask you to please come back into my life, and I affirm my openness to the guidance of heaven.”

Really allow yourself to feel this prayer, or your own version of it. The angels want to interact with you, and often just ask that you take the first step. Open your heart and mind to the idea that there is a force in this universe that wants you to be happy. 

Now that we have affirmed to reawaken our connection with the angels (yes it really is that easy!) it’s just a matter of waiting for the undeniable messages and signs to pour into our lives. If you are wondering if there is anything else you could do to increase the speed and clarity of the angels messages, you are in luck. Like with most of our natural abilities, practice makes perfect and the more we know about ourselves, the more refined, clear and connected we can feel.

One of the most consistent ‘blocks’ I have witnessed over the years has simply been a misunderstanding or misinterpretation of the way Angels communicate with us. This is one of the reasons Angel classes and lessons can be so helpful - because if you expect heaven to communicate in a specific manner, and you don’t receive guidance that way - it would be easy and natural for you assume something is wrong. The more you learn about the ways Angels communicate, the more you are shown just how clear their guidance actually is. 

There are four distinct ways in which we receive energy and messages from heaven and the Angels. Becoming familiar with these different types of communication can help us to become more energetically familiar with ourselves, and increase our sensitivity to the angels' messages and guidance. We are all different and some of us will specifically resonate more with one or two of these communication methods.  However you find yourself naturally sensitive to Angel messages, it is equally as powerful and clear as the other forms of communication. Allow me to explain...

In no particular order of importance or profundity these are the ways Heaven and the Angel communicate with us - 

Clairvoyance: This means clear seeing. Seeing means either seeing messages with your physical eyes such as seeing something written that pertains to another aspect of your life, or seeing a person in public that you have been thinking a lot about. This type of seeing can also mean seeing with your minds eye. This is similar to how you see in a dream or a daydream. You can see anything through clairvoyance, but some examples of signs and messages others have seen are, numbers (especially repetitive or sequential), seeing faces, locations or objects during dreams or meditations. Extra sensitive clairvoyants even see angels in their energetic form and can see human auras. 

Claircognizance: This means clear thinking. People who are sensitive in this way receive messages, guidance and knowledge through their thoughts. This is a way to receive thoughts or information and not really know how. Most of us have experienced this at least a few times in our lives, when we were able to come up with the right answer or the correct solution to something. We did not know how we did it, but most likely we just considered it luck. This type of communication often feels so natural that most claircognizant people do not know they are being guided. 

Clairaudience: This means clear hearing. When you receive messages in this way, you can hear messages with your physical ears such as overhearing a conversation that you didn’t expect to pick up on. Often, people will hear lyrics in a song that will bring about or confirm other thoughts or manifestations. We can also pick up clairaudient messages with our ‘minds ear’, much like how we hear in dreams or meditations. Anything we hear, either energetically or physically can be a clairaudient message.

Clairsentience: This is an energy you feel, a form of detecting and receiving information and messages with your body, energetically, physically and emotionally. The most common example of this is your gut feeling, but there is so much more to it than that. Any time you are around someone and you feel as if you take on their emotions, happy, sad, or otherwise, this is Clairsentience. It is common that you might pick up on the physical pain around you as well - people with higher sensitivity in this way are often guided to become healers. By healing others around you, you in also heal yourself. 

In my certification classes I guide the class through a meditation that focuses on asking the angels to send their messages to us in one of these specific ways at a time so that we can become familiar with the energy of each one. Individually, we tend to be very sensitive in one or two of these ways – for example and inventor might be highly claricognizant and clairsentient because he/she is guided to create brand new items and has the unexplained know-how to accomplish just that. Knowing how messages most clearly come to you can be very helpful because just like with any other aspect in life, knowing your strengths can only benefit you. If you are constantly trying to ‘see’ the angels around you, but instead the energy is coming to you through another way such as your ears, in your dreams, or with a strong gut feeling, you might feel as if you are not receiving any messages at all because you do not know where to look for them.

To help yourself become more familiar with the energy of each ‘Clair-word’ as I call them, and to help you feel which is strongest to you – I suggest taking a few minutes to meditate. What I normally do during this meditation is after centering myself and asking the angels to be immediately present with me, I ask them to send me their messages (in whatever form) through my clairaudient ability. I then sit patiently and wait – something will always come - maybe something as simple as a ringing in the ear or a divine message given to me through my minds ear. 

I repeat this process slowly and patiently with each clair-word until I feel I have received some sort of message through each. There is no right or wrong way to do this. The more I have practiced doing this, and the more time I was able to dedicate to each individual clair, the greater my understanding of them became. Eventually, once you begin to learn your strengths, your interactions with the angels will start to become effortless and automatic. At some point you’ll start to realize that you’re experiencing interactive signs, messages and feelings of being loved and watched over every day. The more you relax and let go and the less you try to force messages to come, the easier this all becomes. Any time you receive a message or a sign that feels incomplete or does not make immediate sense, just thank the angels and wait, as this simple act of acknowledgement and gratitude leads to more frequent, clear and profound guidance.

Remember that you do not need any sort of class to begin working with your angels and the angels around you – everything necessary to get you started is written on this page. Please do not let anyone tell you that there are limitations or specific rules/rituals involved with working with the angels, this is simply not true. You will never have to do anything to become qualified or eligible to work with the angels – you were born connected to heaven, now it’s just a matter of opening yourself up. 

Remember that even if you decide that this is not for you, or you feel frustrated/discouraged because the messages are not as clear or as frequent as you would like, you do not need to fear that the angels, God or heaven will abandon you or cast you out. Why would they create us to be so confused and then condemn us for it? 
It defies logic and all reasonability.

God and the angels love us unconditionally, they want us to be happy and live out our lives according to the lessons and experiences we chose at a soul level. We deserve happiness, purpose and fulfillment in our lives – so lets stop delaying our purpose and ask the angels to guide us to our next step in life!

How to Connect With Your Angels