Name: Pamela Freeland

Location: Mattoon, Illinois

Phone: 217-234-9611

Call for directions and to set up an appointment, in-person sessions or by phone, email, chat or Skype

Email: or contact me on Facebook

Certifications & Services:  Certified Medium, Psychic, Shaman, Faery Reiki Master, Certified Intuitive Angel Guide, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Integrative Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Ordained Minister

I work from my home seeing clients for readings and healing sessions.  I was born with my gifts and use them to bring healing, peace and clarity to my clients. I work with children and animals, as well.  I am also available for in person or distance healing sessions. Please contact me for prices for my services.


Name: Sandra Dawn


For in-person services I am available at my home. Please call for directions.

Phone:309-370-9689 for directions and to schedule in-person services. 



Services I provide: 

Certified Medium, Intuitive, Crystal Chakra Healing/ Balancing Practitioner, Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner, Animal communication, Meditation coach

I am a Certified Medium, psychic and  Holy Fire Reiki practitioner. I am available for mediumship/psychic readings and Reiki sessions. Readings can be done remotely via Skype, telephone, and e-mail. All remote services are booked once payment is made through my website. All options work beautifully. I am available for in-person services at my home. Please call for directions and to schedule your in-person services.  It was the death of someone close to me that led me to start questioning things. I had always known I was different, but never fully understood what I was experiencing. Once I began to read and learn all I could about this I realized, I have been this way my whole life! I was unaware or asleep to the real me...but not anymore! Upon awakening this part of me, I knew I wanted to share what I have known instinctively for my entire life---that there is more than this particular time around and we are more than our physical bodies. We are a soul. We do go on. Our physical mode of transportation dies, but not our souls...We are so much more than we realize. Two of my greatest joys are (1)Bringing through your loved ones in spirit to give you proof that life and love transcends ALL!!  (2) To help others realize what they are truly capable of with a simple change of perspective. If there is one BIG thing I have learned, it is that spirit gives us what we need to hear, when we need it! Please go to my website 

to contact me for phone, Skype or e-mail readings. For in-person services please call the phone number listed above. I encourage you to check out my reviews from satisfied customers!


Name: Brenda Trevino

Languages: Fluent in both English and Spanish

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA (available in-person or virtually)


Certification and Services: Brenda Trevino is a Certfied Holistic Life Coach and Certified Manifestation Coach, and has completed the Master Angel Certification Program and the Archangel Life Coaching Program. Brenda is a spiritual teacher and energy therapist who enjoys assisting others achieve their life purpose through spiritual life coaching, energy therapy, intuitive guidance, angel oracle cards readings, and grounding/meditation techniques.